Bukovski Vrh

Bukovski Vrh is a small village on the northernmost edge of the Šentviška Gora Plateau, offering a view of Mt. Kojca (1,303 m) and Mt. Porezen (1,622 m). Today only the core of the village, located along the road from the Šentviška Gora Plateau to Bukovo, remains relatively populated, whereas the more out-of-the-way houses with less favorable conditions for farming and making a living are mostly abandoned or are only used as vacation houses. Most arable areas lie on the slopes, and many agricultural areas that were still cultivated and sown with various crops up until a few years after the Second World War are now overgrown with grass or forest.


The Velikejne Farm (Pri Velikejnu) was once among the largest and wealthiest farms around. This is also testified by the remaining buildings and the year 1822 carved into the door casing of the house. Until a few years after the Second World War, the village was full of people and until 1974 it even had its own school; however, later on people began moving away in large numbers, which resulted in a decimated population and empty houses. By 2007 there were only 24 people living in the village, earning their living in the nearby towns.


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GPS coordinates +46° 8' 27.44", +13° 52' 52.42"
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Altitude: 830m
Number of inhabitants: 28

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