Daber is a small clustered village (with 27 inhabitants in 2007), only about a kilometer from Šentviška Gora. It lies on the easternmost edge of the Šentviška Gora Plateau immediately above the Idrijca Valley, at an elevation of 645 m. The nearby fields and meadows are intertwined with numerous sinkholes and small karst caves. The source of Tilnik Creek is below the village; in the past, several small mills and a water-powered sawmill were built along it. The remaining mill and sawmill standing right below Rock Spring (Pod skalo) are among the tourist attractions the plateau has to offer today.


The area where the village stands today was already settled in the Iron Age. This is testified by an extensive urnfield cemetery dating back to the first millennium BC, which lies below the Dobec Farm (Na Dobcu) along the road from Šentviška Gora to Daber. Along this road, on the spot where a large crucifix stands today, there was once a small church dedicated to Saint Mary Magdalene. The village lies on a route that played an extremely important role in the past because it formed the main connection between the villages on the plateau and the Cerkno and Idrija regions. The village core comprises several large farms in addition to several smaller houses that were built by poorer farmers and crofters in the past; two larger farms are also located in the hamlet of Nart a little further down the village.


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GPS koordinate +46° 6' 55.9794", +13° 53' 0.9024"
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Nadmorska višina: 641m
Število prebivalcev: 29

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