Gorski Vrh

Gorski Vrh is the smallest and highest village on the Šentviška Gora Plateau; in 2007, its population was only 14. It does not have a core per se because it is comprised of many large and small houses scattered below Črv Peak (Črvov vrh, 974 m), the plateau’s highest peak. Today, this hill, also known as Črv Hill (Črvov grič), is becoming an increasingly popular excursion destination, offering beautiful views of the Bača Valley below and many surrounding hills and mountains, from Mt. Matajur to Mt. Porezen. There are several routes leading to Gorski Vrh: from Ponikve, Pečine, Prapetno Brdo, Bukovski Vrh, and Šentviška Gora. Today’s village was most likely created as a result of clearing uninhabited areas and forests through colonization of higher elevations during the Middle Ages and later. A typical example of this type of settlement can be found in the hamlet of Jerovca, with two houses dating back to the eighteenth century.


Unfortunately, only rubble and ruins remain of the older and once the wealthiest one, whereas the younger one was renovated in 2001, now representing a rare preserved example of the typical architecture of this period. This area, which lies at the plateau’s highest elevations, was already settled in prehistoric times. This is testified by an archeological site newly discovered in 2007 in the dale below Jerovca, which experts date back to the Early Iron Age.


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GPS coordinates + 46° 7' 48.5034", +13° 51' 24.5766"
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Altitude: 826m
Number of inhabitants: 12

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