In 2007, 156 people lived in Pečine, a village in the central part of the Šentviška Gora Plateau. The clustered core of the village, which lies along the main road from Slap ob Idrijci to Ponikve, is comprised of many small hamlets with one or two farmsteads. They are surrounded by fields and meadows stretching across relatively flat terrain, well-suited for farming. The Church of Sts. Hermagoras and Fortunatus rises above the village; its beginnings reach back to the thirteenth century, when a small hamlet is said to have already stood at this site.


However, the first settlement in this central part of the plateau reaches even further back in the past. This is confirmed by two important archeological sites discovered so far: the first one dates back to the Late Iron Age and lies on the plateau’s edge, not far from the hamlet of Stari Rut; the second one, dating back to the sixth or seventh century AD, was discovered in the middle of the village, at house no. 37. Several rare and exceptional buildings have been preserved in the village, demonstrating the mastery of their builders. The first example of such architectural heritage is the one-story Hill House (Na Brd); its numerous stonemasonry details and excellent construction place it at the very peak of the nineteenth-century rural architecture. A more modest, but nonetheless high-quality architectural or ethnological monument is also the thatched wooden granary of 1778 in the hamlet of Kabiunk.


Pečine is also the seat of the local community and parish of the same name. Since 1975, a small factory has operated here, currently employing around 50 people (mostly locals). In addition to the only remaining bar on the Šentviška Gora Plateau, the village also has a paved playground with swings, slides, and other equipment for children, as well as large events area with a beach-volleyball court at Stari Rut for various social and sports events. An interesting private collection of objects from the First World War can also be seen in Pečine.

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