Due to its location and orderliness, Polje is one of the most beautiful villages on the Šentviška Gora Plateau. In 2007, 37 people lived in this clustered village, which lies on the edge of a large plain below Šentviška Gora at an elevation of 579 m. Polje is surrounded by extensive fields, which is why several wealthy farms with many farm buildings and other outbuildings sprang up here.


In 1906, almost the entire village burned to the ground. The buildings that were renovated at that time have been preserved until the present day with only minor changes; they have a fairly uniform design, generally known as the Škofja Loka–Cerkno architectural type. In addition, the farming tradition has also been preserved in the village, which is testified by the cultivated fields and meadows, as well as several modern farms with several dozen heads of livestock. Not far from the village, along the road to Šentviška Gora, there is an important Iron Age graveyard, which was discovered and studied at the beginning of the twentieth century and belongs to the St. Lucia cultural group.


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GPS coordinates +46° 6' 40.449", +13° 51' 41.9184"
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Altitude: 584m
Number of inhabitants: 36

Šentviška Gora Local community

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