Prapetno Brdo

The village of Prapetno Brdo extends from Valley Farm (V Dolini) at its lowest elevation of 580 m to the hamlet of Sleme at an elevation of around 760 m; this makes it the second-largest village in the Local Community of Šentviška Gora. The village core lies along the main road, at the intersection of the roads leading from Slap ob Idrijci and Pečine.


In the past, wealthier farmers built impressive houses and farm buildings right next to the main road, whereas small farmers and cottagers built their modest dwellings on the edges of the compact village. After the 1976 earthquake, new houses were built next to these, with a completely different appearance than their older predecessors. Not far from the village, along the road leading to the Mačuci Farm (Na Mačucih), a small church dedicated to St. James stood until the eighteenth century.


A legend has it that a long time ago a golden calf or Attila the Hun was buried nearby. Today a modern soccer field is located in the area where Attila and his precious treasure are supposed to be buried; the pitch also serves as a venue for various other activities.

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GPS coordinates +46° 6' 38.8974", +13° 50' 52.5552"
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Altitude: 658m
Number of inhabitants: 114

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