Šentviška Gora

In 2007, 111 people lived in Šentviška Gora, which lies at an elevation of 648 m. This is the oldest village on the plateau because the first written records of Šentviška Gora date back to 1192, when it was the seat of a large parish that also comprised villages in the Bača Valley in addition to those on the plateau, and extended all the way to Cerkno and Spodnja Idrija.


Up until a few years following the Second World War, this compact village, which developed below the prominent church dedicated to St. Vitus, preserved its 18th-century appearance. In the central and the oldest part of the village, small thatched houses predominated, whereas on its more spacious edges larger two-story houses with separate stables and other farm buildings were built at the end of the nineteenth century. One of the oldest buildings in the village is the Lukš House (Lukševa hiša), which contains several frescos with devotional motifs, and a sundial with the date 1775 on its facade. Another building of a venerable age is also the Parish Church of St. Vitus, whose foundations were most likely laid at the beginning of the Christian era, although today it reflects a notably baroque style. The composer and choirmaster Ivan Laharnar was born in Šentviška Gora, which is also claimed to be the birthplace of the Renaissance composer Jacobus Gallus Carniolus.


Today it is the seat of the Local Community of Šentviška Gora, which comprises the villages of Daber, Zakraj, Polje, Prapetno Brdo, Gorski Vrh, and Bukovski Vrh. It is also the seat of the Parish of Šentviška Gora, and the parish office responsible for all three parishes on the plateau. In addition, a preschool and a branch of the Dušan Munih Elementary School of Most na Soči operate here. All the children on the plateau attend this branch school until fourth grade. There is a large paved playground in front of the school, also used for various sports and social events.

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GPS coordinates +46° 7' 2.5674", +13° 52' 9.03"
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Altitude: 624m
Number of inhabitants: 106

Šentviška Gora Local community

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