Together with other villages on the plateau, the village of Zakraj, which lies close to Šentviška Gora, was mentioned by the beginning of the Middle Ages. In the heyday of the Parish of Šentviška Gora, a small church dedicated to St. Lawrence stood here in addition to several farmsteads.


Among other things, the well-preserved wayside shrine from the beginning of the twentieth century bears testimony to the piety and veneration of saints that was once typical of all the people of the Šentviška Gora Plateau. The shrine stands next to a farm building at the Feltrin Farm (Pri Feltrinu). This family boasts one of the largest modern farms, which together with others continues the centuries-old farming tradition on the plateau. After the 1976 earthquake, the buildings in the village were joined by several new houses. Nonetheless, in 2007 the number of people living in the village numbered only 35.


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GPS coordinates +46° 6' 46.1808", +13° 52' 21.1218"
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Altitude: 638m
Number of inhabitants: 30

Šentviška Gora Local community

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