Cycling on the Šentviška Gora Plateau

The Šentviška Gora Plateau offers everyone the opportunity to relax and enjoy the outdoors and build up the positive energy that can be felt among the people living here. All the villages here are connected by numerous roads and trails, offering lots of opportunities for attractive cycling along paved roads, gravel roads, and forest roads. All of these trails are clearly marked with signposts, allowing cyclists to travel safely and smoothly from one village to another and see the sights and special local features. Over 40 km of trails have been laid out and marked, and now cyclists are also able to ride up Črv Peak (Sln. Črvov vrh), the plateau’s highest point, rising 974 meters above sea level. The peak offers a magnificent view of the Bača Gorge, Mt. Porezen, and the mountain range spreading between Mt. Črna Prst and Mt. Rodica, mighty Mt. Krn and the Kanin range, and Mt. Stol and Mt. Matajur in the background.

The plateau is suitable for both experienced cyclists and the less adventurous. Those looking for a challenge can begin their ascent at Slap ob Idrijci, following the main road up to the plateau. After five kilometers, the road reaches an intersection known as Na Markaduc, where it splits to the left towards Pečine and Ponikve and the right towards Prapetno Brdo and Šentviška Gora. Cyclists can also take the gravel road from Idrija pri Bači to ascend the plateau. After a while, this road joins the paved road from Logaršče to Ponikve. The plateau can also be climbed from the Bača Gorge: you can either set out at the village of Klavže and continue through Logaršče and Ponikve, or start at Grahovo ob Bači and continue through Bukovski Vrh and Gorski Vrh to Šentviška Gora. There are many paved roads as well as gravel and forest routes for cyclists looking for easier rides; these have fewer big climbs and downhill sections, and let cyclists enjoy the beauty of the pristine surroundings.

Kolesarjenje_1_2Come experience a cycling adventure on the Šentviška Gora Plateau!