Alpine and Cross-Country Skiing

The Šentviška Gora Plateau is beautiful in every season, and winter is no exception. The white snow blankets the slopes of small hills, pastures, and meadows, and everyone can take advantage of this to have fun out in the snow. You can go sledding, enjoy alpine or cross-country skiing, or simply take a walk through the woods and enjoy the fresh cold winter air.

If you don’t feel like carrying your skis on your shoulders up the hill every time you come down, you can try out the ski slope in Ponikve. This ski area lies on the right side of the road to Gorski Vrh. It opened in 1982 and its draglift was renovated in 2001. When the temperatures are low, artificial snow is also available. Name of the ski area: Suše, draglift name: Kuk, length: 270 m, elevation: 780 m (bottom), 834 m (top), difficulty level: easy. The area also has two ski jumps. They were built in 1998 and covered with plastic matting in 2002. The smaller one (18 meters long) was designed by Janez Gorišek, and the larger one (35 meters) was designed by Stanko Velikonja. When there’s a lot of snow, a short cross-country ski trail is also prepared. Of course, any valley or meadow on the plateau can also be used for cross-country skiing.