Trekking and Jogging

When the weekend comes and it’s time to rest and relax, the whole family needs to get out for some recreation and enjoy the outdoors. Days, weeks, and months of sitting behind a computer wears us down through negative factors that exhaust our bodies and minds. Then it’s time to recharge our bodies with new energy through active and relaxed vacations. This is exactly what the Šentviška Gora Plateau offers.

With its location and altitude, the plateau provides a wide range of recreational activities and opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. Hiking and jogging enthusiasts can choose from over 40 kilometers of attractive and well-marked gravel roads, forest roads, dirt roads, and paved roads. These routes are marked with the signs of the local tourist association at every major intersection.

CebeljirojHikers can also climb up the plateau from the valley. There is an interesting trail through the forest leading from Slap ob Idrijci to Ponikve and Pečine, which the locals call the Gully Trail (Pot skozi Žlebi). This name refers to the configuration of the terrain that this trail runs through: its first part is composed of a true gully that mountain streams run through during heavy rain. The trail continues along a karst rim, where you can find and explore several small karst caves (i.e., Krasnica, Zidanca, Zevka, and Polženca). Here you can continue to the right towards the village of Roče above Slap ob Idrijci, or uphill towards Ponikve. You can turn right when you reach Ponikve and visit the beautiful Church of the Visitation, which was designed by the renowned Slovenian architect Jože Plečnik. It stands on top of a hill above the village and there is a panoramic orientation board next to the church, showing all the major surrounding hills and mountains. From here you can either return to the valley or continue your hike towards the plateau’s highest point, Črv Peak (Črvov vrh, 974 m), which offers a magnificent view in all four directions. An orientation board is also displayed at the peak, providing general information on the plateau and the family the peak was named after.

PoljaPrapetnoBrdoThere is also an interesting trail leading to the plateau from the village of Stopnik. Most of it runs through the forest, past the hamlet of Tilnik onto the plateau. Before arriving at the village of Daber, you can visit a renovated mill at Rock Spring (Pod Skalo) below the hamlet of Nart. From here you continue towards Daber, where you can either join the paved road towards Šentviška Gora, or turn onto the dirt road and forest trail leading towards Police. In Police, which lies on a plain, you can visit the small church below the village. Šentviška Gora boasts the Church of St. Vitus, which played a major role in the history of the plateau. There is also a primary school with a neatly arranged yard and a paved playground as well as many other attractions worth visiting in this village. From Šentviška Gora you can continue your hike along gravel or paved roads towards Zakraj, Polje, Prapetno Brdo, Pečine, and Ponikve, or towards Gorski Vrh, Bukovski Vrh, and up to Črv Peak.

Runners interested can also compete in the race sponsored by the newspaper Primorske novice.


Time required

Slap ob Idrijci–Ponikve

1 hr 15 min 

Ponikve–Črvov vrh

1 hr 30 min

Stopnik–Daber (Pod Skalo)

1 hr 15 min 

Daber (Pod Skalo)–Daber

15 min

Daber–Šentviška Gora

30 min


45 min

Šentviška Gora–Črvov vrh

1 hr 30 min

Šentviška Gora–Polje–Prapetno Brdo

40 min

Šentviška Gora–Pečine

1 hr 30 min

Šentviška Gora–Ponikve

2 hr

Come visit the Šentviška Gora Plateau—for a great experience!